Flat Water Solutions. LLC

About Us

Flat Water Solutions, LLC is an ag commodities company that focuses on managing price risk for individual grain and livestock producers.  Our primary goal is to implement sound risk management strategies to provide a degree of financial certainty through cash market hedging transactions and strategies that ultimately allow our customers to focus on what they do best – managing the operational aspects of their business.

We believe in strong partnerships with our customers where we position ourselves as a key advisor within their operation.  We seek to know everything there is to know about the operation so that we can provide a level of expertise and service that gives our customers the confidence to make decisions.  And, we follow a consistent, disciplined approach to managing risk year-over-year.

We emphasize protecting price, not predicting it.  Since no two operations are the same, we develop a deep understanding of each customer situation so that we can protect the right prices.

We are committed to bringing both precise and purpose-driven cash grain risk management services and solutions to our customers that generate consistent financial returns and peace of mind.  We want every decision made to have a specific purpose, as part of a broader strategy, to help move the customer along the specific path that we help them create toward accomplishing their goals.

If you are still researching, check out our service offerings.  If you’d like to ask questions, reach out to us through phone or email.