Flat Water Solutions. LLC


Flat Water Solutions, LLC is dedicated to providing the tools and solutions needed by today’s agricultural producer to make decisive, well-informed decisions.  We accomplish this by offering our customers a variety of services.


Our goal is to position you in the cash market(s) most relevant to your farm.  You are in the business of generating income and securing your operation’s future.  We are in the business of helping you realize your goals by contributing expert opinion and analysis to help you make those difficult decisions.  We work directly with you to build a solid strategy and help you execute it.  We follow through by providing the tools and reporting necessary to bring to life the decision-making process and its impact.  We take a data-driven approach to helping you, relying on objective data while acknowledging that every strategy also incorporates some subjective elements.  Our opinions are driven by research and data.

Since no two operations are the same, we offer tiered service agreements so that we can find the best fit on your farm and still make a meaningful impact.

Data Management & Reporting

We offer our customers a web-based data management platform that tracks and reports on the many aspects of farm management.  In addition to being web-based, it is also available as an app for your smartphone or tablet so that regular updates on the health of your operation are only a button click away.

If you’d like to ask questions, pick our brain, or visit with us directly to learn more, please contact us.