Flat Water Solutions. LLC
purpose-driven solutions

purpose-driven solutions

We are a cash grain marketing advisory and consulting service aiming to help today's producer be strategic about their cash grain marketing decisions.

Flat Water Solutions, LLC

We exist solely to help today's producer manage their cash commodity risk in an ever-changing and often volatile environment. The world of grain marketing and managing cash transactions is complex and our goal is to bring transparency and purpose to every grain marketing decision that our customers make. We offer multiple tiers of service to appeal to a wide range of producer styles, but our bread-and-butter is one-on-one, in-depth consulting where we dive in at break-even analysis, look at delivery logistics, local basis, utilizing on farm storage, cash contract selection, and other value added services. We bring all of this together by using GrainBridge, a farm management solution with the power to keep the producer organized and informed.


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